WORLD TO ROAM wins Best International Short at Animatricks 2023.

Jury statement:
A multidimensional and visually interesting animation that takes the viewer to explore the concepts of boundaries, limitations and love. Animation skillfully and emotionally captures the challenging emotions experienced by every parent (Elli Murtonen) . An imaginative and poetic way to represent the relation between parents and sons. Stunning technique full of rhythm and sweet narrative engaging the spectator until the very end. (Támara Aalto). A beautifully told story about how our children aren’t really ours. The film will remind you of the paper animations you watched as a child and will leave you with a feeling of nostalgia. (Roosa Vuokkola).

Thank you Elli Murtonen, Támara Aalto, Roosa Vuokkola, and the festival team!