small time inc. small time inc. work by stephen irwin

"Deep in the forest, a hunter encounters a strange creature he cannot kill."

a film by STEPHEN IRWIN //
sound design by KEITH DUNCAN //
supported by ROOFTOP FILMS //

GRAND PRIZE - New Chitose Airport Int'l Animation Festival 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Sundance Film Festival 2020
BEST OF THE FEST - London International Animation Festival 2020
BEST UK FILM - London International Animation Festival 2020
HONOURABLE MENTION - Minimalen Short Film Festival 2021

"Survival, motherhood, death and beyond to alternate dimensions, parallel lives – we’ve never seen anything like it before, truly unique... Propelled by a triumphant orchestral score it takes us into the depths of weirdness where birth and death meet in an endless cycle of rainbows, blood and breast-milk."
LIAF Jury (Sophie Koko-Gate, Chris Shepherd, Max Hattler)

"Exceptionally surprising and darkly funny, this animated curiosity loops and warps a message of monochromatic destruction and rainbow creation into a warning about nature - our own and Earth's. In an orchestral explosion of collapse and colour, this hypnotic trip shows life and death as a queer, surreal and grotesque pattern of regeneration and degeneration that affects both land and body."
Minimalen Short Film Festival Jury